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 Welcome To Helix

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PostSubject: Welcome To Helix   Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:13 pm

Hello and Welcome to Helix, from what ive seen This is the only server out there that is a 19 twink server, so by saying that I want to inform and share a few things about the server Helix. From the title of the site you should know that this is a 19 twink server and knowing that your wondering what this server has to offer. Well first of all since the cap level of the server is 19 I have created vendors for the best 19 twink Gear you can find from drops all the way to quests, and on top of that there is a custom instance and soon to be more for the PVE players that just want to have fun with custom cool looking gear smaked onto a lvl 19. There is also a Custom class spell for every class. I almost forget to say that the Enchanting is able to be learn up to 375 at level 19 and many more Porfesions on the way to becoming learnable at the level of 19. Once last thing... There is custom sets that are That are earned through quest. And what would a 19 twink server be without pvp, thats why im creating a chest event, and of coures the WSG works.
So plz Take your time to check The Server out and give me some feed back and/or sugestions at [url=mailto://Helix19@live.com]Helix19@live.com
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Welcome To Helix
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